DrupalSquad was created to serve Drupal site owners who need to ensure their web presence is stable, secure, up-to-date and tuned for high performance. We focus on white-glove maintenance and support, incorporating engineering best practices into your business, and maintaining exceptional status within the Drupal Community.

Unlike other Drupal services companies that perform Maintenance and Support as an afterthought DrupalSquad helps you prevent emergencies and proactively complete tasks.

DrupalSquad was originally founded as a joint venture that brought together two teams with years of experience in software and web service consulting plus a history in the Drupal community that dates back to 2005. Its global team has offices in Seattle, Minneapolis, New York, and Minsk.

In late 2014, one founding join-venture partner, NuCivic (formerly New Amsterdam Ideas) was acquired by GovDelivery. Although NuCivic is no longer an equity partner in DrupalSquad, it is a client and close collaborator. And NuCivic’s founders, Andrew Hoppin and Sheldon Rampton, remain co-owners and partners in the business.

Warecorp Warecorp was founded in 2004 in Minneapolis to provide affordable web and software services to the impact economy. Since its founding, Warecorp has earned the loyalty of international change agents and innovators working in coworking, media, health care, education, open government and nonprofits. Warecorp has been building large-scale Drupal projects since 2009.

DrupalSquad is committed to giving back to the Drupal community and platform by contributing documentation, modules and patches on Drupal.org and by sponsorship of Drupal events. DrupalSquad is a proud member of the Drupal Association.

Meet the Team

Our leadership has a long history of leadership in technology, impact entrepreneurship and the Drupal community. Our developers have an outstanding track record of contributions and community organizing. We sponsor and attend DrupalCons, have been the primary organizing force behind DrupalCamp Minsk for several years running, and have more Acquia Certified Master engineers than just about anybody else.