5 Reasons to Consider a Drupal Site Audit

If it's been over a year since you built or relaunched your website, you are considering a new hosting provider, or you just inherited your site from another team, then you should strongly consider a professional site audit.

A professional site audit uses a baseline of industry standard tools and rules to get under the hood, inventory what's running on your site and discover the weak areas that need improvement.

Common issues uncovered

  1. Drupal Core Hacks  
    Yes, I said it out loud!  Making direct modifications to your Drupal Core module – a.k.a. "Hacking Core" – is a big no-no in the Drupal world.  Changing Core is a rookie mistake that can lead to all kinds of trouble in the long run, including the inability to install security updates, which leave your site vulnerable to malicious attacks. If you hack Core, you are also now running an unsupported version of Drupal, making it more difficult to leverage patches and expertise provided by the Drupal community.  Finally, your site is now potentially more expensive to upgrade.
  2. Security Vulnerabilities
    What?  No security updates have been installed in the last 9 months?  The great and yet challenging thing about the Drupal world is that the platform and modules are always evolving at a rapid pace. Therefore, you also have to respond at a rapid pace because there are security updates to your version being released EVERY month.  If you don't keep up with it, your site will go stale and suddenly be vulnerable to security or functional issues.  
  3. No Page Caching
    Your site could be running so much better!  By strategically caching pages, it doesn't have to work so hard for better performance.
  4. Enabled Modules on Production
    Not all modules are good.  In your production environment, there are actually modules that can weigh down the performance of your site, such as the database logging module and Views UI.  A site audit can help you determine if you need these running in production.
  5. Site Code is Not Managed
    Get your site in Git!  Git is a version control system for your site's source code and files. This is especially important to use if you have multiple people supporting your site. Without it, it's almost impossible to track changes and identify issues that come up.


The list goes on… 

So what's next?  DrupalSquad can provide you with a professional Site Audit and a plan to remedy any discovered issues.