The Capacity Problem

Lack of capacity is probably the most persistent problem facing software and web development shops attempting to scale. Each project launched creates a wave of small enhancements, updates, and maintenance tasks that can overwhelm growing firms.  Often, top talent has moved on to other projects leaving the customer in the lurch and the firm scrambling to get a low-revenue yet essential task completed.

The capacity problem is especially painful for non-profits and impacts entrepreneurs because profit is usually siphoned off to accomplish a higher goal.  The ability to liberate strategic resources to focus on the mission often means the difference between staying in business or moving on.  On a larger scale, lack of capacity to affordably maintain a platform can prevent large scale adoption.

DrupalSquad cares deeply about putting the wind in the sails of other mission-driven entrepreneurs and the Drupal community at large.

Capacity. How can we use ours to increase yours? What are your thoughts on challenges on developing capacity in your organization?