DrupalCon Portland Redux

Last week nearly the entire US side of the DrupalSquad crew converged at DrupalCon Portland. This semi-annual gathering of the Drupal community drew an estimated 3,500 people from around the globe. DrupalSquad was there this time as a Silver Sponsor, showing off our newly relaunched ticketing system for handling customers' Drupal maintenance and support needs. And we loved the opportunity to catch some face time with many of our customers and partners – whether it was at our booth, chatting about caching tables, distros and APIs, or relaxing after hours over local food and brews at one of the plethora of parties that took place all over Portland.

The response to DrupalSquad's maintenance and support offering was fantastic, as the capacity problem in the Drupal community continues unabated. There were a number of other Drupal support offerings on display in Portland, but none that offer the range of options we do, from a la carte ticket-based support in 1/2-hour increments to dedicated teams of one or more full-time engineers.

Like recent DrupalCons, attendees were abuzz about topics like responsive design and Symfony. But one of the highlights for us was a panel on "Using Drupal to Build a Global Catalog for Open Source Software" featuring DrupalSquad Partner Andrew Hoppin and tech leads Sheldon Rampton and Aaron Couch, along with Paul Mackay of Code for Europe. The panelists shared their extensive experience using Drupal for open government and showed off two important new Drupal distributions: DKAN, which powers open-data portals; and OpenCivic, which lets governments and nonprofits create websites for hackathons and app stores. Scroll down for video of the panel. (Hoppin, Rampton and Couch also run a consultancy called NUAMS, which led the development of DKAN and OpenCivic, and is a one of the joint venture partners that own DrupalSquad.)

If we missed you in Portland, drop us a line. We hope to raise a glass with you this fall in Prague or next year in Austin.