Welcome to DrupalSquad!

We have been privileged to have had the opportunity to experience and contribute to Drupal's explosive growth over the past eight years. The platform, more than 600,000 developers, and the diverse vendor ecosystem surrounding it, are driving costs down and capabilities up for industry after industry. However, Drupal's rapid growth has created a tight market for Drupal talent worldwide, which has made it difficult for some Drupal customers – especially those with smaller budgets and less in-house technical talent  to get the reliable support they need in a manner they can afford.

We believe that this status quo, which we call Drupal's "long-tail support problem" will limit the growth of Drupal if not addressed. More importantly, we believe that the social mission that many of our firms exist to serve  empowering communities to communicate about and collaborate on issues that are important to them and to the world  will suffer if the long-tail of this market is not well served by our Drupal services ecosystem.

So we created DrupalSquad. DrupalSquad provides a la carte on-demand Drupal support for $35 per half hour of work. There are no minimum costs, no retainer required, and all work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

As we move DrupalSquad today from soft launch to private beta, organizations as diverse as 350.org, the Vancouver Observer, and the Personal Democracy Forum are already relying on DrupalSquad to support their sites. We also already support several boutique Drupal agencies, helping them to help their clients get reliable support and faster turnaround on discrete development tasks when agency staff are temporarily at capacity.

Give us a whirl  request an invite to the private beta today at http://drupalsquad.com. And please let us know what you think by getting directly in touch at info@drupalsquad.com or @drupalsquad.

Drupally yours,
Andrew Hoppin, Chris Dykstra, Sheldon Rampton, Leif Utne, Noel Hidalgo, and the entire DrupalSquad team