We're Acquia Certified!

Last spring, Acquia rolled out its new Acquia Certified program, to give those hiring Drupal developers a standardized tool for measuring an engineer’s skill level. We’re thrilled to announce that 3 members of our team have passed the test and become official Acquia Certified engineers.

Vitaly Ioskevich (D.O username: ioskevich), our Director of Engineer, has received 2 certifications, a general Drupal dev certification and a front-end dev certificate.

Dmitrii Varvashenia (dimitrii) was granted Grand Master status for passing all 3 (as of 2014) exams: Developer, Front-End and Back-End specialist.

Igor Cheledinov (chilic) have received back-end certificate. And the rest of our team are studying hard for the test.

As the global community of Drupal developers continues to grow, this kind of industry certification will be a crucial differentiator. So if you’re looking for Acquia Certified engineers, you’ve come to the right place. Look for a blog post from us soon comparing the Acquia Certified program with the handful of other Drupal skill testing programs on the market.