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Drupal 8 Media Handling: Easy Enough for Kittens

We’ve been spending some time with the recently-released Drupal 8 Beta, and have good news to report: Drupal 8 media handling tools don’t suck!

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A DrupalSquad WF Favorite: Features-based Drupal development workflow

A pretty well known issue with Drupal-based products development/support is that if there are more than one developer working on the project, you have to keep an extra eye on how new features or bug-fixes are being deployed across environments – be it DEV instances, or DEV to TEST/PROD deployment.

Code-only based solutions are out of scope here – source code control software like SVN, Git, Mercurial (for those of you who are geeks) are available and considered a standard tool to manage changes in your code. However, if you choose a development path that involves stuff being configured through Drupal's admin UI (which is not bad at all – I know people who can build a site of any complexity using Views/Rules/Panels) – managing those changes can easily become a nightmare. That means you have to control code AND db changes (yeah, tons of checkboxes you are used to clicking on while configuring the site go directly to the database in most cases).

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