DrupalSquad's founders are users of and contributors to Drupal since 2004 as staff in organizations as diverse as CivicSpace Labs, The Center for Media and Democracy (prwatch.org), Goodstorm, NASA, The New York State Senate (NYSenate.gov), and Warecorp, the World Economic Forum, and New Amsterdam Ideas. We're social entrepreneurs who have committed our lives to making the world a better place, as well as to building a great business that helps our customers. We think that open-source communities, and Drupal specifically, are a potent way to do just that.

Giving back to Drupal

Drupal depends on sharing. The Drupal codebase is a shared knowledge commons that only improves and grows to the extent that its users give back as much as they take. Like all open-source software projects, we give back to Drupal in a variety of ways, specifically:


We contribute all code of general value back to Drupal.org; if a customer pays us to patch a module, upgrade it to Drupal 7, etc., we will ensure that the rest of the Drupal community can benefit from that new investment that we and our customers have made.


We launched DrupalSquad in 2012 as a Sponsor of DrupalCon Munich, and have continued to sponsor DrupalCamps and DrupalCons, keep our Drupal Association memberships current, and help to host Drupal meetups and trainings in all of our city offices, in order to support the Drupal Association and local developer communities.


We are committing significant developer time to module maintenance, and also offering contributions to Drupal 8. We feel so strongly about giving back that our contracts even stipulate that if a client doesn’t use all the hours they’ve paid for, our engineers will spend them on Drupal.org contributions.

To learn more about how we support the Drupal community, see our Drupal.org profile.


Working for a better world

DrupalSquad is a mission-driven company, passionate about our belief in the power of business to make the world a little kinder, fairer and greener. We prefer to serve clients who share that belief, and often provide our Drupal services to nonprofits and ethical businesses whose missions we believe in, especially if they are using technology in innovative ways to address serious societal problems.