Whether you're looking for comprehensive maintenance and support for your enterprise Drupal setup, or just need some occasional help to keep the lights on, we have a plan to fit your needs and budget. Subscribe to one of our monthly Drupal maintenance plans and we'll keep your site secure, stable, up-to-date and tuned for high performance. Use our other Drupal support services to diagnose possible security and performance issues, improve your web hosting setup, and knock out your backlog of minor development tasks.


Drupal Support Services

Dedicated Drupal Development Teams

Enhance your in-house development capacity with a multi-skilled team of DrupalSquad engineers who report directly to you. Let us help you affordably scale your Drupal team to take on more projects or get you where you need to go.

Exclusive DrupalSquad Site Audit

Find out exactly what is under the hood of your Drupal site or sites. DrupalSquad provides a thorough overview of the code, modules, updates, patches, pages, links, APIs, and 3rd party touchpoints.

Drupal Hosting Migration

Migrating to a Drupal-specific hosting provider is the first step towards lowering your cost of ownership and increasing efficiency for maintaining your Drupal website. DrupalSquad will migrate your site(s) to a Drupal specific hosting provider as a first step in any of our Drupal Maintenance Plans, but we will also provide this as a stand-alone service.

A-La-Carte Drupal support services

A-la-carte support is the most expensive, but most flexible way for DrupalSquad to support your site. A qualifying client can write a ticket, receive an estimate and schedule, order and approve work through DrupalSquad.com. There is no maximum or minimum. Work is completed by a rotating team of DrupalSquad engineers.

DrupalSquad provides a-la-carte Drupal support for qualifying clients. To qualify, clients must either A) purchase a Drupal Maintenance Plan, or B) complete a Site Audit, a migration to a Drupal-specific hosting provider and the DrupalSquad onboarding process.


Drupal Maintenance Plans

Basic Plan

Perfect for simple to moderately complex sites.

Standard Plan


The Standard Plan is for moderately to very complex sites, or mission-critical sites.

Enterprise Plan

Our enterprise customers need to manage multiple sites or a very large, busy site.


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